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 Company Overview

The Anesis Group is a management consulting firm that has delivered quality consulting services since 1976 to companies throughout the United States. The Greek word "Anesis" means "Solutions" and was chosen to reflect our company values and mission. Our goal is to provide tailored consulting "solutions" for our clients regardless of size or corporate structure. Our company divisions strive to produce products and services ranging in diversity from Healthcare Solutions to Information Technology Solutions and end to end Business Solutions.

The core governing mission and value of providing "excellence" in customer service is the underlying foundation upon which new, repeat and future business is delivered by THE ANESIS GROUP consultants and staff.

Our Mission

        A Attitude
        N iNtegrity
        E Excellence
        S Service
        I Innovation
        S Satisfaction.

Our Vision

The Anesis Group, Inc. will excel in providing successful business solutions through our diversified products and services. The Anesis Group, Inc. is committed to continually improve our products, services and knowledge .


The Anesis Group
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