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The Anesis Group provides complete end to end business solutions to small and medium sized businesses and organizations. Our development staff is comprised of Microsoft Certified Professionals with years of experience in designing and developing custom business applications. Services include Windows application development and Internet / Intranet solution development using Microsoft development technologies.

Staff Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)


Available Services

  • Application Design and Development for Homecare

  • Internet-based Business Solutions for Homecare


Project Specifications

Our development staff will work closely with our clients to develop a project specification document. This document will include overall project requirements, use case scenarios and detailed design specifications. The detailed design specifications will include a comprehensive database design and prototypes of every input form and report. The completed design document will be the property of the client and must be approved by the client before development work begins. Top

Project Modifications

All modifications to the original project specification document will be pre-approved by our clients. If these modifications result in additional charges, a change order will be initiated and processed.

Project Bid

The Anesis Group can provide a project bid, but only if an acceptable project specification document has been created.


Our Commitment To You

Our development staff is committed to providing our clients with quality business applications. We commit to our clients that we will:

q       Assist our clients in defining business objectives and use case scenarios for each application;

q       Provide an interactive development process, offering milestone points at which objectives and progress can be measured;

q       Utilize the latest proven technologies, selecting the best, most widely supported software development tool available;

q       Provide our customers with quality source code using standard naming conventions and source code documentation;

q       Provide assistance to client’s staff in taking over maintenance of the completed project.


Supported Databases

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft SQL Server 

  • Virtually any Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) databases, Btrieve, etc.


  • Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008

Development Languages

  • Microsoft Visual Basic

  • Microsoft VB.NET

  • Microsoft FrontPage

  • Microsoft SQL Server (Transact-SQL)

  • Active Server Pages (ASP)

  • JavaScript / VBScript


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